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Competitive Issues

1. 1991 Report by the Ventura County Sheriff's Department documenting alleged and adjudicated antitrust and environmental charges against Waste Management, includes entire 1980's.

2. Cumberland Farms et. al. vs. Browning Ferris Industries Inc. and Subsidiaries Plantiff's Memorandum In Opposition to Defendant's Motion For Summary Judgement, 87-3717.

A exhaustively documented summary of the legal position of the plaintiffs in one of the leading class action civil lawsuits of the 1980's challenging alleged collusive conduct by Browning Ferris Industries and Waste Management

3. US Department of Justice announcement of 1996 consent agreement with Browning Ferris and Waste Management in which long term contracts with commercial customers used to fence out small competitors were barred in Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee and Iowa.

4. Final 1992 Report by the San Diego District Attorney on Waste Management. 

5. Excerpts from Giants of Garbage by Harold Crooks 

An historical expose of the early days of the national consolidators 

6. Corporate Profile: Laidlaw Environmental Services by Christopher M. Sevanick and Brian Lipsett

7. 1997 Article in Los Angeles Times describing spying allegations against Waste Management raised in contested proceeding over permitting a landfill 

8. Dirty Work
A lengthy expose by Stephen Filmanowicz and Steven Korris published in the October 1997 issue of Milwaukee Magazine detailing alleged abuses by Waste Management of political connections to get contracts in the Milwaukee area, followed by price increases. Copyright 1997 Milwaukee Magazine. Reprinted with permission.

9.  Waste Management v. Louis Paolino
The Amended Complaint in Case No. 99--CV-930 (US District Court for Deleware) in an extremely strange lawsuit  filed after a new management team took over Waste Management following the company's 1999 accounting scandal followed by a stock meltdown and the sidelining and ouster of Mr. John Drury. Only a year before Mr. Drury's USA Waste had taken over Waste Management and deposed the protégé of Waste Management's founder, Mr. Dean Buntrock. The new managers sued several of Mr. Drury's associates focused on Mr. Louis Paolino for allegedly inflating the value of Eastern Environmental of which Paolino had been CEO before it was acquired by Waste Management, and other accounting deceptions and self-dealing for personal gain. Most interesting is the fact that, in the course of the Complaint, Waste Management acknowledges the truth of the allegation of the Center for a Competitive Waste Industry that, while he was CEO of USA Waste, Mr. Drury conspired with Mr. Paolino, USA Waste's Vice President, and Sanders Morris Mundy, a private equity pool, to take over Eastern Environmental in 1995. Also, as the Center had alleged, Sanders Morris underwrote Mr. Paolino's acquisition binge of local northeast haulers as a stalking horse for USA Waste and Waste Management which later purchased Eastern.

10.  Into the Mainstream, Out of the Limelight: How, Despite Overwhelming Public Support, the Waste Industry has Undermined Recycling
Article by Mike Garfield from the June/July 2000 issue of From the Ground Up, the Publication of the Ann Arbor Ecology Center discussing their views on how waste industry consolidation has impacted recycling.

Environmental Landfill Issues

1. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Fourth Assessment Report, Chapter 10 Waste-Landfill Gas Collection Efficiency

Final IPCC chapter on waste issues by the IPCC, discussing landfills' responsibility for greenhouse gases, including acknowledgment on page 600 of the pagenated report, and page numbered 16 on the PDF file, that estimates of "lifetime recovery efficiencies may be as low as 20%."

2. California Waste Industry Report on Landfill Gas

Report submitted by the Solid Waste Industry for Climate Solutions in California in 2007 to the California Air Resources Board that concedes on page 10:

"Furthermore, a site with a collection system that is used solely for energy recovery is usually not capable of achieving as high a collection efficiency as compared to one that is compliant with NSPS regulations."


 3. Competitive Waste's Critique of California Waste Industry Report on Landfill Gas

Response by the Center for a Competitive Waste Industry to the prior Solid Waste Industry report to the California Air Resources Board.


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